Vertigo symptoms relief

prevention and relief

How can you prevent Vertigo and get relief?

There is no way to prevent Vertigo. Anyone can get it, although it is more common among women ages 50-60. Your doctor may try to treat it with the Epley Manuever, exercises for the head and body, typically done in the doctor’s office, meant to free floating crystals out of the sensing tube. This method can be effective for some cases of Vertigo, but not all.

For ongoing Vertigo your doctor may also prescribe medications with Meclizine (typically used for motion sickness) or Promethazine (allergy medication) or a patch with Scopolamine (also used for motion sickness). Sometimes she will even prescribe a tranquilizer like Valium to take the edge off. You may find some relief from using these medications, but they all come with side effects. (See comparison chart)

The fastest and safest way to find relief from vertigo is to use all natural DiVertigo that calms in the nerves in the inner ear and provides quick relief from vertigo symptoms.


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