Vertigo Relief


Starts working FAST – DiVertigo can be taken any time to prevent problems associated with sudden onset of vertigo symptoms. However, if you start to feel an attack, you can apply right away. Most people can start feeling a difference in 2-5 minutes.

Effective even after symptoms have occurred – DiVertigo begins to work within a few minutes after application. Most medications for the same purpose are effective only after 30-60 minutes.

No drowsiness or other side effects – The most common side effect for typical vertigo medications is drowsiness. DiVertigo is an All Natural solution to vertigo and its related symptoms. There are zero side effects. You can stay wide awake while using it and accomplish your daily routine without fear of undue sleepiness.

Doctor recommended – Doctors recommend DiVertigo, because it doesn’t have side effects, is safe for ongoing use, and works even after symptoms have begun.

Not a pill – When your stomach is feeling irritated, the last thing you want to do is swallow something. DiVertigo is a topical application is simply applied behind the ears and is safe for ongoing use. Because it is an all natural solution and not a pill, DiVertigo also does not require water as a supplement.

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