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All Natural Vertigo Relief


Vertigo and dizziness are symptoms of balance or equilibrium problems of the inner ear. A person with vertigo will experience spinning or whirling feelings surrounding them and may become nauseated, dizzy and lightheaded or even faint or experience loss of balance.

ear2DiVertigo is a highly concentrated herbal oil that is applied to and absorbed through the skin just behind each ear lobe. The active ingredients then travel to the inner ear, calming the symptoms.

Within 5 minutes, all natural DiVertigo begins working to relieve the symptoms of vertigo.


Directions for use


1. Hold the bottle ½ inch over your finger (figure 1) and dispense 1 or 2 drops of oil.

2. Rub the oil into the skin on the side of the head just behind the ear lobe (figure 2).

You must get a good drop behind each ear for DiVertigo to work correctly.

For ongoing use: Apply daily, every two hours for the first three days. It does not need to be used while sleeping. After the initial three day treatment, use DiVertigo two or three times per day to prevent re-occurrence of symptoms. If at any time you feel disoriented, reapply immediately to relieve symptoms.

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