Your Next Workout Challenge: Running Up Skyscrapers

Is walking up and down the stairs a big deal for you since you’ve experienced vertigo? That makes sprinting up the stairs of a skyscraper is practically unthinkable. For a select few people, however, this is the next great workout … Continue reading

Published date: March 21, 2014


5 Steps To Understanding Vertigo

When you’re standing still, but the world is moving around you, it can be quite a discouraging moment. What happens if this sensation last for minutes or repeats itself throughout days or even months? This is clearly a sign of … Continue reading

Published date: March 5, 2014

spiral stairs

4 Ways to Overcome Vertigo

Anyone who has experienced vertigo before doesn’t need much of an introduction to the feeling. This intense sense of motion when no motion is actually occurring can easily lead to nausea and even vomiting in those who experience it. This … Continue reading

Published date:

couple biking

Helpful Balance Exercises for Seniors

As adults grow older, balance problems can become more frequent. Unfortunately for many seniors, fear of falling can keep them from living their lives fully and staying active. This could be due to vision problems, weak hips and joints, poor … Continue reading

Published date: February 28, 2014

anatomy of the ear

A Beginner’s Guide To Balance & The Inner Ear

The ear is a relatively small organ, hidden on the side of your head, and rarely discussed in regular conversations about health. When you talk about the ear, it’s usually in reference to its outer structures, like the lobe where … Continue reading

Published date: February 21, 2014

couple smiling

Romantic Restaurants Up High

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, everyone is looking for that special place to treat that special someone. Instead of searching ground level like everyone else, look up high at all the wonderful and unique settings soaring above you. … Continue reading

Published date: February 14, 2014

Vertigo After Dental Work

Migraines and Vertigo – What Can You Do?

For many individuals who experience migraines, vertigo often accompanies the severe headache. Migraine sufferers often report that they feel like they are moving, spinning or dizzy, even while sitting or standing still. Studies show that as many as 30% of … Continue reading

Published date: February 7, 2014


How Vertigo Affects Quality of Life

There is no single cause of vertigo that spinning dizzy sensation that makes you feel like the world is going topsy-turvy. Vertigo is a symptom of a number of medical problems and affects approximately 20 to 30 percent of the … Continue reading

Published date: January 31, 2014

menopause and vertigo

Could Perimenopause Be Causing Your Problems with Vertigo?

Many women going through perimenopause and menopause have noticed they begin dealing with dizziness and vertigo. It is common for these women to experience bouts of loss of balance, disorientation and lightheadedness. In some cases, the vertigo may occur due … Continue reading

Published date: January 24, 2014

elderly couple smiling

Fun Tips for Retirees – Jump Starting the New Year

Everyone suggests eating healthy, exercising more, and being responsible about your financial nest egg.  While those are always good the New Year’s goals, what else can you do to reinvigorating your mind, body and spirit this year?  There are plenty … Continue reading

Published date: January 17, 2014

ski lift

5 Winter Sports Worth Trying

With winter fully upon us, many of you just bundle up and hide away until spring. What if you embraced the season instead? Now is the perfect time to turn your attention to fun winter sports, and not just to … Continue reading

Published date: January 14, 2014

dizzy amusement park ride

Wow – So That’s What Vertigo Feels Like

So, you’ve decided to visit a familiar theme park and relive memories of chasing the wind down a steep drop on a favorite roller coaster. While climbing to the top, you look around and feel something you don’t remember from … Continue reading

Published date: January 3, 2014

spiral stairs

4 All-Natural Tips for Vertigo Sufferers

Everyone has heard the word vertigo we’ve seen people suffering from it, and we’ve even seen it in the movies. But few people understand the science behind it? Vertigo is not simply the feeling of being dizzy or nauseous. Vertigo … Continue reading

Published date: December 4, 2013

Vertigo After Dental Work

5 Ways to Alleviate Vertigo

It’s the name of a classic Hollywood film, and we hear people use it all the time to describe feelings of dizziness and unsteadiness – but what exactly is it? In reality, vertigo is a symptom of a problem in … Continue reading

Published date: November 27, 2013

woman on building

3 Balance Exercises to Ease the Symptoms of Vertigo

For ongoing bouts of vertigo, balance exercises may help to ease the symptoms you experience. No matter the cause, balance exercise can improve balance, self-esteem and self-confidence, reducing your risk of a fall. As you use exercises to improve your … Continue reading

Published date: November 21, 2013


Do I Have Vertigo?

If you are suffering from dizziness, balance issues or have episodes where you feel a spinning sensation, you may have what is called vertigo. If you are experiencing these kinds of symptoms you should see your healthcare provider. Vertigo can … Continue reading

Published date: September 12, 2013

man and grandson playing video games

Is Vertigo Hereditary?

A lot of people who experience vertigo will have a family member who has also experienced similar sensations or diagnoses, which leaves many asking the question, “Is vertigo, in fact, hereditary?” While there have been no scientific studies conducted to … Continue reading

Published date: July 29, 2013

Vertigo on the Go

How to Prepare For a Vertigo Attack on the Go

If you have ever experienced a vertigo attack, you know how frightening it can be. Dizziness, a spinning sensation, nausea and even vomiting can occur without warning. Vertigo can be a temporary side effect of an inner ear disturbance, infection … Continue reading

Published date: June 12, 2013

Age-Related Vertigo and Balance Issues

Age-Related Vertigo and Balance Issues

Degeneration of the Nervous System One of the biggest health concerns in senior citizens is falling. In fact, roughly 30% of seniors over the age of 65 who live at home will have a fall. These falls can be extremely … Continue reading

Published date: June 6, 2013


Changing Your Diet to Ease Vertigo Symptoms

Anyone of any age or gender can experience vertigo symptoms. If you do, your experience might include a disturbance in your balance and feelings of lightheadedness, dizziness and disorientation. While following advice from your doctor, making some changes in your … Continue reading

Published date: May 14, 2013

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