3 Top Concerns for Baby Boomers

Posted on by Carey Daniels


Baby Boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, have many concerns as they age. The oldest of this group are just turning 72 this year. They worry about many things, including politics in Washington, the well-being of their families, and decisions like when it will be time to buy a smaller home. However, here are three of their top concerns right now:

Retirement – Baby boomers are expected to live longer than previous generations and they are concerned that they will have enough retirement to make it additional years. With their strong work ethic and financial concern for the future many plan to keep working. Others have not been saving sufficiently to retire at 65 and feel like they don’t have any choice. This individuals are strong proponents of saving the social security program. Many still have debt and it weighs on their minds. According to the AARP, when asked what they would most want for their 65th birthday, getting financial help with debt was the top survey answer, even over spending time with family and friends.

Caring for Aging Parents & Adult Children – Baby Boomers often have parents that need regular care and this can be a drain on their own lives, particularly if the aging parent can’t be left alone. Also, according to the National Endowment of Financial Education, almost 60% of all baby boomers are supporting adult children up to age 39.

Healthcare – Baby boomers are concerned about increasing healthcare issues as they age. Some of the healthcare concerns that are having a profound effect on baby boomers are, Type2 Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, arthritis, eye issues like cataracts and macular degeneration, hearing loss, and dementia. Healthcare can take a big hit on their budgets and the quality of their lives.

Overall though, baby boomers are optimistic and look forward to changes in their life with a glass half full type of attitude.


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