3 Health Tips for Making 2018 the Best Year Ever

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3 Health Tips for Making 2018 the Best Year Ever

Start the New Year Off Right with These Health Tips

Celebrating the New Year is like hitting the reset button. You can cut out those bad habits as you try to reach some of those hard-sought goals you’ve had your eye on. But, turning a new leaf isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. It takes perseverance, determination, and good physical health. Before you tackle a new set of resolutions, use these 2018 health tips to make sure that you’re in tip-top shape for the New Year and beyond.

Reduce Sodium to Lower Blood Pressure

Earlier this year, the American Heart Association changed its blood pressure guidelines by lowering its standards for what’s considered high blood pressure or hypertension. The standard for normal blood pressure was previously set at anything above 140 over 90 mmHG back in 1993. Today, that standard has been lowered to 130 over 80mmHg. Based on these guidelines, a substantial portion of the population is now considered to have high blood pressure, which can contribute to heart disease and other serious health concerns. The best way to reduce your blood pressure without medication is to cut some sodium out of your diet. The AHA recommends eating no more than 2,400 mg of sodium a day.

Keep Blue Lights at Bay

Most of us are surrounded by blue lights and screens everywhere we go. At night, we like to cozy up next to our smartphones and TVs until that last moment of consciousness. But new studies on blue light and excess screen time are popping up all the time, and the news isn’t good. According to a new study by Environmental Health Perspectives, all that blue light can throw off your body’s sleep schedule by limiting production of the sleep hormone known as melatonin. Without a proper night’s sleep, your body will be more prone to weight gain, fatigue, and obesity. Make sure you turn off all your smart devices before you hit the hay.

Talk to Your Doctor About Vertigo

Your body becomes more vulnerable to vertigo symptoms as you get older. According to ENT Today, dizziness and vertigo symptoms affect 70% of individuals age 65 and older. Vertigo is usually a symptom of issues in the inner ear, from sinus infections and BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) to more serious infections such as Meniere’s Disease or Labyrinthitis. If you’re been experiencing frequent episodes of nausea, fatigue, dizziness or lightheadedness, now is the time to see your primary care physician. They can help you find the right solution to your vertigo symptoms, so you can get back to enjoying 2018.

If you struggle with vertigo symptoms, you can always try DiVertigo. This all-natural herbal formula can reduce symptoms in just a few minutes. Make the most of 2018 and order a bottle today!

It’s always a good idea to schedule a routine physical with your local doctor at the start of the New Year. They will give you more nuanced insight into what you’re doing well and what needs to change.


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