Spring Plants That Can Help Relieve Vertigo

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Grow All-Natural Vertigo Remedies in Your Backyard

As winter fades away, it’s time to start thinking about what kinds of plants you want to grow in your garden for spring. While starting a garden in your backyard can be a soothing way to start the season, it’s also a great opportunity to raise some plants that can help you manage your vertigo. All natural herbs and plants can be surprisingly effective at curbing the symptoms associated with vertigo. You may be looking for ways to reduce side effects from medications. Rediscover your green thumb and try adding some of these powerful herbs to your spring garden.

Ginger Root

Vertigo symptoms are often caused by a lack of circulation to the brain from the inner ear. This results in episodes of nausea, disorientation and dizziness. Ginger root has a long history of being cultivated for its natural healing properties. The compounds in the root have been known to promote circulation throughout the bloodstream, relieving vertigo symptoms at their source. Ginger can help you manage a range of related symptoms including upset stomach, dizziness, and general unsteadiness. You can try adding some ginger root to baked goods, tea, juice, vegetables, and even sushi.

Butcher’s Broom

This evergreen shrub is another effective aide when it comes to relieving vertigo symptoms. It’s commonly used to increase blood circulation in the body, which is one of the main problems that can lead to vertigo in the first place. Butcher’s broom can be a big help to those with clogged arteries or varicose veins, helping distribute blood more evenly throughout the body. The same technique works with vertigo. This plant might not be as appetizing as ginger, but most people will boil or fry the roots of the plant and eat them like asparagus.

Cayenne Pepper

If you like adding a little bit of a kick to your meals, cayenne pepper will make an excellent addition to your spring garden. This spicy pepper is another proponent of healthy circulation, moving more blood from the inner ear to the brain. When digested, cayenne pepper helps open up the capillaries, allowing blood to move more easily throughout the body. It also helps regulate the body’s blood sugar levels and gets rid of harmful toxins. You can use cayenne pepper in dozens of recipes including Mexican dishes, tea, sandwiches, and meat dishes. You can also dry out the pepper and use it as a seasoning.

If you’re looking for a more natural way to curb your vertigo symptoms in just minutes, you can also try Di-Vertigo. It’s made with all-natural herbs and essential oils that can help you feel like your old self again without any side effects. Enjoy the warm weather with DiVertigo.


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