Tips on Getting the Best Cruise Rates

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How to Nail Down the Best Cruise for Less Money

Cruises are a great choice when it comes to exploring new countries and parts of the world. You can lay back and relax as the cruise line organizes your complete itinerary. But taking a cruise vacation can get expensive fast if you’re not careful with how you spend your money. There are plenty of websites out there like or that are designed to help you save money. But finding a cheap ticket is only half the battle. You can save money by only purchasing the add-ons that really matter. Save money on your next cruise with our cost-cutting tips.

Sign Up Early or at the Last Minute

Depending on the flexibility of your schedule, you can get a low rate on a cruise by signing up way in advance or by signing up right before the departure date. Go to a cruise line’s website and search for the cruises that are still over a year out. On the other hand, if you’re retired or free to take off at a moment’s notice, you can grab a cheap last-minute rate. Cruise lines want to make as much money as possible. If it looks like a ship might be less than full, the cruise line will start selling rooms at half the price.

Purchase a Flat-Rate Beverage Package Ahead of Time

If you plan on enjoying bottled water, coffee or tea, or alcohol on your cruise vacation, you can save money by signing up for a flat-rate beverage package. Some cruise lines offer flat rates for enjoying drinks on board, instead of paying for each drink individually. If you or one of your companions likes to drink up, you can save hundreds of dollars by locking down a lower fee. Make sure that you read the fine print; some drink packages can be deceiving. When in doubt, do a bit a math to calculate how much you’d pay either way.

Skip the Onboard Wi-Fi

We could all use a break from the Internet. Wi-Fi connections can end up being one of the most expensive add-ons when you’re booking your cruise. Some cruise lines will charge you around 50 cents per minute when you go online. If you can, forgo the Internet entirely and focus on all of the other exciting things to do onboard and in port. If you really need access to the Internet, try to get a connection on land at a restaurant or a café. You’ll end up saving hundreds of dollars by the end of your trip.

Exercise on Your Own

If you’re looking to burn some calories on your cruise vacation, try coming up with your own fitness plan instead of signing up for group yoga classes and training sessions.  Before you depart, download some exercise training videos onto your computer or pack your favorite yoga DVD. You can still head up to the sundeck with your yoga mat to admire the view. Chances are that you’ll still get a great workout without paying as much as $30 dollars per class.

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