Caring for Someone with Vertigo this Valentine’s Day

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caring for someone with vertigo


How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When Caring for Someone with Vertigo

If you’re caring for someone with vertigo this Valentine’s Day, you can still enjoy a wonderful evening together if you take a few precautions. Celebrating the holiday all depends on the severity of the other person’s vertigo. If the person you’re caring for is having a difficult time coping with their vertigo, you might want to you’re your Valentine’s Day wisely, but it doesn’t mean you need to give up on the holiday all together. Take a look at some caregiver tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day with vertigo.

Find a Nearby Restaurant

Someone that’s suffering from severe bouts of vertigo might not be up for a long night out on the town. But if the person you’re caring for is up for it, trying spending the holiday at a local restaurant. Depending on the condition of your partner, you’ll probably want to find a restaurant that’s close to home. In case anything happens during the meal, you can quickly find your way back. Try to avoid ordering too much alcohol during the meal. Too much alcohol can exacerbate vertigo symptoms and lead to dehydration. Drink plenty of water during the meal and avoid any extreme spices, excess sugar, large amounts of cholesterol and sodium. When in doubt, go with a nice plate of fish and lots of fresh vegetables.

Cook a Special Dinner at Home

If going out to dinner at a restaurant feels like too much of a challenge, you can always make a delicious meal at home. To break things up a bit, try decorating the house with a few holiday-themed decorations. Find an unusual recipe or a delicious dish that will put a smile on the other person’s face.

Start the Day with Some Exercises at Home

If you have big plans on Valentine’s Day, you can help your loved one prepare for the day ahead by doing some exercises for vertigo at home. The Epley Maneuver, the Semont Maneuver, the Brandt-Daroff Exercise, and the Foster Maneuver are all designed to help with vertigo symptoms. An active start to the day should help curb symptoms later on as the holiday gets underway.

Keep Medications Nearby

If you plan on leaving the house, make sure that you have everything you need to deal with a sudden bout of vertigo. If the person you’re caring for takes any medications for their vertigo, keep a few extra pills on you at all times. Bring along a couple of bottles of water in case the person starts to feel dehydrated. You never know when their symptoms might flare up again.

If you’re looking for quick relief from vertigo symptoms, you can try Di-Vertigo this Valentine’s Day. It may just be the perfect gift too. This all-natural, side-effect free, herbal supplement can ease symptoms in just a few minutes and it’s applied topically, so no pills to take when you’re feeling dizzy and ill. Happy holiday to you and your Love!


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